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We service the island of Nantucket, providing leather repair service and refurbishing to all types of leather furniture. Hub Leather Repair also repairs leather in boats, planes, and vehicles year-round. If you live on Nantucket and have leather furniture needing repair, we provide in-home services. Our mobile team of leather technicians can get to your residence on Nantucket on the ferry. Our repair and maintenance services include conditioning, stain and fade removal, sewing, cleaning, and fixing any scratches, tears, holes, and cuts in your leather furniture. Hub Leather Repair’s experts also do leather furniture re-upholstery and total restoration jobs. We will pick up your leather furniture and return it to you on Nantucket after completing the job at our leather repair shop in Framingham, MA.

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    About Nantucket

    Nantucket, a small island 30 miles south of Cape Cod, has over two dozen beaches. Nantucket transforms into a popular tourist destination during the summer. Nantucket operates as the only town and county government body in Massachusetts. Nantucket has recognition from the National Park Service as a National Historic Landmark due to its colonial architectural preservation. Nantucket once was the whaling industry capital until approximately 1850. Herman Melville references the island in his classic novel “Moby Dick.” Today, you can visit The Whaling Museum to see Nantucket’s industrial history. “The Great Fire” in 1846 damaged Nantucket. Job loss and property destruction caused depopulation and underdevelopment due to people leaving the island. In the 1950s, developers began buying property to build and restore property on the island. Nantucket has the nickname “Little Grey Lady of the Sea” due to the fog and has three lighthouses on the island. Popular cuisine features bluefish and other seafood. The famous drink brand, Nantucket Nectars, was founded on the island. Hub Leather Repair offers services to your summer vacation or year-round home on Nantucket. Call us today to discuss any leather furniture repairs you need, or fill out our online form for a free quote. We love working on the beautiful island and would love to assist you!

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