Leather Couch Repair Cape Cod

Hub Leather has been providing leather couch repair services to Cape Cod and the Islands for over 25 years. We have tremendous confidence in our expertise and skills. Hub Leather Repair believes that you will not find a better leather furniture restoration company in the area. If you want to restore a leather couch that has been a family heirloom for generations, our expert team of leather repair technicians can help. Some of our in-home leather repair services include stain removal, conditioning, button, seam, and tear repairs. Hub Leather Repair comes to your residence to fix your leather couch to make it easier for you. For larger projects, like leather reupholstering services, we will pick up your furniture on Cape Cod. After restoring your leather couch at our repair shop in Framingham, we will return it to you.

leather couch scratch repair cape cod

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    Scratch Repair for Cat Scratches and Pet Damage

    leather couch cat damage repair cape cod

    Your leather furniture may be an antique piece or high-end investment, and your pets may cause damage. Dog paws and cat claws can scratch and tear the cushions or rip the seams or buttons on your leather sofa or chair. Instead of replacing the leather furniture or your pets, contact Hub Leather Repair. We provide in-home mobile leather repair services to Cape Cod and the Islands. Our leather repair experts can restore leather couches and chairs. We can sew buttons and seams and repair any tears or dog or cat scratches to restore your leather furniture. The leather refurbishing techniques we use also repair other pet damage like stains or markings.

    Leather Tear and Cuts Repairs

    Any tears or cuts in your leather furniture from pets or people require leather repair services. Ignoring even a small tear or cut on a leather sofa or chair can cause more damage if the hole or tear opens wider. Hub Leather Repair can fix any tears or cuts on your leather couch or chair. We offer leather tear and cut repair services to restore your leather furniture. Our leather repair services include stitching seams, sewing buttons, and repairing rips, holes, and cuts regardless of size. You do not want to wait to fix tears or scratches on your leather furniture. Contact Hub Leather Repair at the first signs of damage before it gets worse. We offer in-home leather repair services. Our technicians will come to your residence on Cape Cod or the Islands to repair any tears and cuts on leather.

    leather couch tear repair cape cod

    Mobile Leather Furniture Fixes Cape Cod

    Since 1993 Hub Leather Repair has provided in-home furniture repair services to our customers’ homes on Cape Cod. Much of the leather couch and chair repairs we perform do not require the furniture to leave the house. Our mobile leather furniture repair services save you time and stress because we come to fix the furniture. We repair all types of leather furniture and boats, vehicles, and planes. Our mobile service technicians will respond to your call and come to your home to fix any leather damage.

    Simply give us a call to discuss repairing your leather furniture. We will send one of our specialized leather repair experts to fix your furniture. You can also fill out the online form to receive a free quote. You can add pictures of the leather furniture that needs repair. We will respond to you and set up an appointment for leather repair. We look forward to hearing from you!

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